Friday, 29 April 2016

Life's Beautiful

Clouds are looming over my head all around, carried away...moving back and forth...changing their directions inconsistently, due to the abrupt surges of merciless cold wind. Nature strikes with lightning and thunder, with all her might to frighten the humanity of her powers. It's going to rain, let's take cover. It is going to be a dark cold night. There are people who are praying, as the perceive a sense of nature's brutal hand striking to erase the population because of the sins and ill practices they are soaked in. 
Others are happily enjoying the beautiful colors of the atmosphere they are suspended in, they see positive in every situation of life, irrespective of how harsh and not easy to withstand they are. 
There are people who take it as a chance to relate it to the thunderstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis of grief blowing all within their bosom, they are the poets, the writers, the most tormented trait of people residing within the same sphere of life.
After a few couple of hours, sky is now clear, full of beautiful twinkling stars. The strong wind has now turned into a gentle, soothing breeze. Fragrance of the wet soil touches the nostrils and travels through the nerves and the adrenaline starts pumping. It's gonna be an awesome night. 
Morning breeze blows, birds are out of their havens for the search of food for themselves and their little helpless offspring. The same is the matter with the mightiest creature of the world -- the one who claims to be master of the planet -- and rightfully is. There is a hustle and bustle in the offices, in the market places, people are busy in running their errands, some are making for their living, and some are enjoying the beautiful colors of life. Some complain about the unjust distribution of powers and wealth to the mankind, just because they have not got a good sum. Others have taken it for granted and think that it was what they deserved. Some are kind, others are terribly bad.
There live the people in the most privileged parts of global sphere, The Powerful North, they enjoy the best facilities, good healthcare, fast conveyance, high standards of living, safe food and water, immune of the calamities. They can talk freely, express what they wish. They consider earth a paradise to live on.
On the other hemisphere of the same globe, the mankind is pressed under the load of poverty, illness, terrorism, injustice, poor law and order, food scarcity, water shortage. They have got no right to express their freedom of expression and will, and they are comfortable with it. They just want peace. They have got no hope to wish for the magnetic trains, huge ships, flying jets. They even don't go skiing and hiking for fun. They are the filth of the earth.
Good and bad, it coexists --- and it is what that makes it opposite, if one is gone the opposite will automatically seize to exist.

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