Tuesday, 19 April 2016

An Ultimate Remedy

I've got domestic problems, financial problems, I am unable to perform at my college, I am depressed, sleepless. I have to take a decision but I am not sure about it. I have got a multitude of things happening around me, some good, and many of them are those I don't like.
Life's Mechanical, a cycle inside the other, complex, eroding with time, breaking down at one instant and the other. It's erratic, sometimes the errors are negligible, breaking your backbone when repeated. 
Everyone wants to lead a happy life, avoiding the wretches, but the happiness itself takes its toll. It comes at a very big price, which most of us are not in position to pay all the time. There are the moments we have to compromise, with the sad realities of living, even the billionaires. You have to look happy even if you have your heart bleeding deep inside. You have to maintain a fake smile even if your spirit is dying, believe me, it's the worst that man ever comes up to.
Silence, meditation, self abandoning, this is what that cures all the diseases and discomforts, either physical or spiritual, without costing anything, even a smile, a word of kindness, an act of sympathy. It gives you a chance to talk to your own soul., a long unending chat, an uninterrupted talk with your spirit. I don't need to be fake with my own heart, i don't need to be shy of my own self. Soul - I can discuss each and every matter with her, ranging from small daily life things to the deep and complex philosophical subjects of life. I can talk with her irrespective of what she might think of me, a loser, a retard. She asks me to do something, i don't have to be aware of her intentions. I don't have to blame anyone, if her scheme fails to deliver. She brings me close to the nature, closer to where i belong, to where i have to go at the end. She gives me strength to fight the brutalities of the world. She allows me to think and rethink and think again, about my own self, my own beliefs, about the falsehood of the materialistic designs of the world....She takes me to the beautiful world of imagination,
She's awesome in her entirety.
Silence is the ultimate cure.
Meditation is the ultimate remedy.

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