Friday, 18 December 2015

2015..... A Flash Back

The Start....

The fashion in which the year 2015 started wasn't so filled up with energy and enthusiasm as it were in the Past years, or probably in the coming years. The attack on a children school in Peshawar left the whole nation is a state of extreme shock. Among the other reasons the start wasn't good, one that in my opinion was the most intriguing thing for Pakistanis or at the least me to celebrate the new year was the freezing weather, though scientists and experts attribute everything to the global warming and the poor Green House, but Green House can also not be so cruel to mankind and more especially to the earth as it is very much related to it, if the earth freezes and the life seize to exist, there will be nobody to relate it to Green House, and the Green House will be dead himself.
I sent a complaint regarding this to the personal secretary of the Green House and they accepted the request without any argument or further delay. That is why i am so humble and obliged to the Green House, because it afterall being one of the Super Powers in the world responds to the complaints of a common man, like me, whom family doesn't pay any attention to, gently approved.

On the go....

Months passed... and in such a hurry that i was at most of the moments unable to compare the tally with which i have experienced the pace with a calendar. I am not so ungrateful to an entity which treated me with honor to attribute this pace to it, The Green House... It Surely was the HAARP which caused the days to shrink in time, reversing the course of Einstein's Relativity Theory by shrinking the clock rather than dilating it. It was a great conspiracy of Obama administration against the poor developing third world countries to reduce the pace of their development by making them stay wondering all the year long that what has happened to their clocks, running so fast and thus reverting the designs of the locally manufactured watches and time-pieces which later on will be rejected in the highly competitive European markets for their faulty design and hence another jolt to the already stumbling economies of poor third world especially the Islamic Countries.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Sunday, July 6, 2014..............!

It's a quite day; Sunday ; everything is still, silent like graves. Nothing extraordinary happening. Everything is normal; light, pleasant.
The Indus in July;

The water is too cold, as like ice, or even more less hot than ice. Numb hands, trembling legs….... Feeling cold in such a hot weather; hell; . Deciding whether to go or not, a ray of hope is there. Don’t know, whether I can reach or not, but still on hope that I can; sleeping; .