Saturday, 6 January 2018

Perspective 2017 (Plight of Education)

To start with, I would like to quote my favorite lines from 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, as he once said, 
A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started. He is going to sit where you are sitting, and when you are gone, attend to those things which you think are important. You may adopt all the policies you please, but how they are carried out depends on him. He will assume control of your cities, states and nations. He is going to move in and take over your churches, schools, universities, and corporations. All your books are going to be judged, praised or condemned by him. The fate of humanity is in his hands.  
And I want to add a few words to the saying of this great statesman, these are, “So educate him well, imbibe him with the values you dream of having yourself, make him able to discern right from the wrong, black from white and tell him to base his judgment on the scale of conscience and inner voice.”
Education is the key to all the dreams we see with our eyes open or shut. An uneducated person also has dreams which he is unable to fulfil despite his hard work and determination. An educated soul is a spark that can light the dark horizons no matter how entrenched that darkness may be. A teacher is the torchbearer of the nation from which emanate these little sparks that illuminate all the horizons of a nations being. He also is the ambassador of darkness and evil if he turns out his torch owing to his selfishness and lack of the realization of the trust nation has placed in him. He might be ruining not only those whom he teaches but also those who will be taught by those taught by him and perpetuate indefinitely to precipitate a condition of complete darkness of minds and enslavement of souls.
It would be pertinent to mention here that I have not landed into the profession of teaching by choice but rather by a chance of fate. I dreamt of flying aeroplanes while I was a child and to steer the foreign policy of the country after my graduation and I still wish to be in the foreign office not in the chilly classrooms of a school. But as the fate has withheld its wheel for time being I would confer that I have fallen into love with my job. It is quite fascinating to laugh at my own mistakes and puns with all these little scholars. It is contenting for me to learn that I have delivered something to those who didn’t know. It is of great comfort to find that they are happy that I am there. Having said it all, I am quite disappointed to see the plight of these little souls and can understand those unspoken words their conscience wants to speak. I can experience it all because I am a witness to it and have experienced the same experience first-hand.
In the middle of nineteenth century AD when the Muslim rule in India had formally come to an end with the last spark of hope extinguished after an unsuccessful revolt of 1857, many scholars sought to seek the reasons for the failures. They included the luminaries from all across the subcontinent irrespective of their religions and beliefs. Two of them being Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan whose services for the emancipation indigenous population of India are still remembered with religious reverence. Both of them thought illiteracy, ignorance and lack of access to the modern western education have caused the doom of Majestic Indian Empire and downfall of such a rich cultural country. They worked to inculcate the sense of a great loss and provided for the compensation and fixtures of the past mistakes by opening schools, colleges and universities and by starting a drive to educate Indians in modern western style that saw the British Empire to conquer almost all the inhabitable part of the world. They worked for their respective communities so that they can regain the status they had shamefully surrendered to their British masters and to excel in the modern realities of life. Both of them had to face strong criticism and hurdles from the very people and communities they wished to serve, but their firm resolve and honesty with their mission brought fruitful results and eventually producing the marvels like Gokhale, Jinnah, Gandhi and many more who strived to free Indians from the shackles of slavery and subjugation. Aligarh still is considered the foundational base of Pakistan Movement and it was the reason why Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan in his final will allocated a major part of his property to be donated to Aligarh Muslim University.
After getting independence, people of the both countries and their leaders should have carried on the mission of their ancestors but, with the passage of time the resolve had weakened and the glitter of power and money had diverted the vision from most important subjects of existence to mere conflicts which would eventually result in dealing major blows to the economies, lives and properties from both sides.
The plight of education today, is not the scarcity of funds; neither is it the lack of resources and facilities nor it is the expertise that we lack. The real problem lies in the fact that we have badly failed in capitalizing the available resources efficiently, that we provide our students with very little space to manoeuvre. Not every child is born to be a scientist, a doctor, an engineer or a bureaucrat, the professions we usually expect them to adopt. There is a modicum of children who can fit into these glittery professions. A little insight into our educational structure reveals this major flaw. Those who are able to adopt this cookie cutter arrangement are termed bright and may somewhat excel, others fall victim of our collective disregard for other areas of creative reality.
If we start collecting data of how many good writers did we produce in last couple of decades, how many good poets and philosophers were we able to filter out of this huge populace, how many architects, artisans, musicians, filmmakers, strategists and thinkers our system has produced so far. Shall we attribute it to the lack of talent? Or that, the land which had produced marvels like Jinnah, Gokhale, Syed Ahmad Khan, Ghalib, Meer, Iqbal and Abdussalam has become barren. The sincere answer would most probably be that neither has this land become barren nor there is any lack if talent, it is the collapse of our academic system that has brought peril to this once the Jewel of the world’s Crown in terms of intellectual fertility.
The causes of our failures in education are so deeply entrenched that it now requires a complete overhaul, mere cosmetic makeovers won’t be of any merit and rather more disastrous because they tend to make the system look fascinating while hiding its hollowness from the inside. It has commonly been argued that the current education system has been imposed upon us by our British masters and we should abandon it at once. The argument is weak in its essence and brings forth another critical failure of our superficial analysis. The problem is not with the system of education that has been implemented in the subcontinent by the British masters, as it was the same system which helped the people of subcontinent to demand for their right to self-determination and freedom, it provided them with the political awareness they were lacking because of autocratic rulers who ruled the subcontinent for centuries and nothing was passed on for politics except intrigues and revolts. The same system can do the marvels today as it has done in the past. We might have to see more objectively to undo our mistakes and to rectify the problems.
The first and foremost in the list of problems is the teachers we hire to teach our children. Most of public educational institutions hire them on the basis of their ‘academic’ qualifications, no matter if they possess those qualifications in real sense or not. I am not attacking all those who are in service, but majority of them do not possess the modicum of relevant knowledge they must have to teach in a high school. The matters are worse in the private institutions where they tend to acquire the services of under qualified teachers who demand for lesser wages and can easily be subjugated and hence despite all the glittery appearance of those “English Medium” institutions they are not producing anything but waste.
Now I want to draw your attention to a rather more disturbing fact. When I passed my Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations and got an admission in an engineering university, I was taken aback by the revelations that were made there. I came to know that what we have yet been studying was all trash. It had nothing to do with the knowledge of engineering, though we have been told that we were doing pre-engineering. Our teachers just focused on providing us the answers to the questions in the exercises and we were to remember them and reproduce them exactly in the same manner in the exams. There was nothing more than that. We were told that science is the systematic method of obtaining knowledge employing observations and experiments and based on logical reasoning rather than firm beliefs. But actually we have been told to learn science if we were studying some piece of holy literature and have to remember it so that we can reproduce it exactly the same way. We were told that we would have to take practical examinations at the end of the subjective exams, but it was nothing but a hoax. The examiner would just ask us the same things we have already answered in our exams and his assistant would check our practical notebooks that we had copied from our seniors. The only thing we learnt about mathematics was that it was numbers that get added, subtracted, divided and multiplied and they have nothing to do with the world of material existence. Yet the cover of the book said, “The Mathematics is the mother of all the sciences and the Number Theory is the mother of the Mathematics.” We considered it nothing but a joke, the same way as the back covers of all our books were printed with a dove with an olive branch and “We want peace” Though the course of our Pakistan studies was so provocative, that it filled us with the rage to kill each and every Hindu on the face of Earth for all their intrigues against the “Muslims” of the subcontinent. It was filled with so many contradictions that our young minds were confused beyond imagination, for instance, at one point it said that the Hindus are the most treacherous beings on the planet and hence we needed to get freedom from British as well as Hindus, while on another occasion it maintained that Hindus and Muslims lived happily with one another, adopting one another’s customs for centuries. We were fed on lies and more lies.

O’ who is reading this, we have to tell our children the truth. We should not murder science, history, religion and every other thing we teach them. We don’t have to produce ‘Parrots’ as there is a plenty of them in nature. Have you ever wondered why one can’t see any management on our country? It is surely because we have produced the terrible managers that can hardly see outside the box. We do exhort that we should boycott all Zionist’s, Hindu’s, Christian’s etc. products because they have brought peril to the Ummah, but do we think that what alternative did we provide to the world for those products? We do say that English system has produced nothing but slaves, did we ever think that what we have done so far as a nation. While we proudly boast of being the pioneers of science we forget the bitter truth that those scientists also acquired their basic knowledge from the Greeks and that the work of our Great Muslim scientists has been augmented and developed more by Europeans than by the Muslims themselves. We do claim that we are the masters of the world, but have we ever thought of why the masters have failed so badly in each and every sphere of social existence. 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Current Affairs

What is at the Stake?

“History repeats itself,” is as true as to say that we need oxygen to breathe, and the world has experienced many repetitions of history in broad daylight. Karl Marx as he says, “history is written on the back of the people is as much right as the saying, “The sun rises in the East”.  The present situation of the country is much worse than is stipulated or anticipated by the “leaders” of this war and corruption torn country. A curry of chaos is boiling within the pits of the provincialism and nationalism, the cap is loose but yet intact. This may be considered as dead silence before a tornado. Limits of the exploitation to both the vertical and horizontal planes has long been reached, and the exploited classes are waiting for an outburst. The minority classes are being suppressed, the minority provinces are being neglected, the remote areas, FATA, is being made the playground for the Vested Interests.  Class Polarization is being aired in a systematic manner. It today is a “do or die” or more specifically, “now or never” condition for the country sought for practicing the fundamental principles of Islam freely, of which class equality is the one.
Some stakeholders have also hinted of a “new special contract”. The idea is not novel neither is the term used for the first time in the history of the infant country, it has long been used in the country and its history can be traced back to the creation of the country. How was the East Pakistan deprived of its basic rights, how the Bengali population was exploited by Vested Interests, how the trade was monopolized by 20 families of West, how the biggest contributors to the country’s economy and foreign reserves were bypassed by the ‘powerful’ Big Business. The result was devastating; people gathered under the flag hoisted by secessionists and separationists, and raised their voice for a separate sovereign country, Bangladesh. The people and the “stakeholders” of West Wing are as much responsible for the dismemberment of country, as was sheikh Mujib and his “extremist” followers. What did they demand? They demanded an actual representation of their people in the country, they demanded their money to be spent on them, and these rightful demands when denied gave birth to the famous “Six Point” formula. The Mujib was declared a secessionist and a traitor, but why the real stakeholders of the Western Wing weren’t treated the same way. It was so because, they were powerful, and have enslaved the people of the East as well as of the West.
The same thing is happening again, since the creation of Pakistan, Baluchistan is deprived in the similar manner as was Eastern Wing, FATA is similarly made the target of Vested Interests, Sind and KP are still demanding their rightful representation and acknowledgement in the national mainstream. Four provinces collectively make a Pakistan, not a single province can be called Pakistan. This discrimination if continued in the same way, will burst and create a chaos resulting in the Bengal type civil war in the country, and will be greatly appreciated and funded by the International Players for their own interests. However, if someone says, situation in “what is remained of Pakistan” is not as worse as it was in the East Pakistan in 70’s. A simple reply to this philosophical argument is that, it is “calm before the cyclone”. We are on the brink of an endless dark tunnel of destruction, we are ready to fall in it, but something more powerful is holding us. As the ordinary, down trodden people of the country say, “It may be the hand of God, by the help of whom the country is still intact.”
Personal egoism of the Vested Interests has developed another school of thought in the country, the thought that constitution must be abrogated and a new constitution needs to be drafted. The constitution of 1973, if, as being anticipated, abrogated will lead to two consequences, as Z.A. Bhutto said:
a)      It would mean falling back on Indian Independence Act 1947 passed by British Parliament.
b)      It would also mean that quantum of autonomy voluntarily surrendered to the Federation by the Provinces would revert back to the Provinces in preference to restoration of Indian Independence Act of 1947.
It is obvious from the above interpretation, “the abolition of the federation of Pakistan,” and consequently the provinces will surely demand for a loose federation, a confederation or a complete autonomy. This is what, that will occur if the graveness of the situation is not assessed and remedies are not made today. Everyone needs to step back and let the physician heal his own wounds; Constitution itself is capable of taking the preventive and remedial measures according to the needs of the state and the people of the country. If the remedies are not made today and the horse is let galloping, it will run to the brink of destruction, separationists in the minority provinces and FATA have their spectators’ seats reserved, only they have to do is to lure him to fall in the endless pit of destruction, and we will once again become the victims of “Vested Interests”.
It’d be worth mentioning to share that, the results of the 2008 general elections were a clear indication of the resentment of the people for the state and the system imposed by the Dictatorship. In KP the sweeping victory of the national party showed frustration of the people against the prevailing system. The people were suppressed to such an extent that they wanted their own voice to be heard, provincial autonomy. They wanted their own representatives to govern them, so they voted for the slogan of provincial autonomy, elimination of exploitation and suppression. In Sindh the Peoples Party swept the elections because the people were sick of the government imposed on them by coterie. They wanted to breathe in the free air. In Baluchistan, if the nationalists hadn’t boycotted the elections, and the elections weren’t manipulated to someone else’s favor they’d surely have swept the polls. After the restoration of democracy; real representation of the people in the government settled the issues to a large extent, the tension was relieved. In elections of 2013 the free, unexploited people of Pakistan voted for the change. This was a clear indication for the people trust on democratic process and the democracy. They now know that their problems can only be solved by the true democratic government elected by their own votes.

The need of the moment is to assess the serious threats to the federation of Pakistan, both internal and external. If the suppression is not eliminated, and exploitation continued, there will be no second chance left. This can easily be done by the democratically elected government, to take all the stakeholders on board for the formulation of National Foreign Policy and strategy to cope with internal threats to the unity of the federation by national consensus. The use of force may create desired results for a while, but it also creates a lot of vacuum, which if not filled by the people centric policies can cause huge damage. By force you can win the piece of a land, but for winning the hearts you need to make revolutionary steps for making the lives of public better. For winning hearts of people you need to introduce them to the national mainstream, you need to give them opportunity to play their part, you need to give them the chance to place their problems on the table. Or the results of the use of force may not be more different than those in our neighboring Afghanistan. It is the last chance for all our national leaders to sit on one table and resolve the issues once and forever, and be amongst the makers of the history.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Life's Beautiful

Clouds are looming over my head all around, carried away...moving back and forth...changing their directions inconsistently, due to the abrupt surges of merciless cold wind. Nature strikes with lightning and thunder, with all her might to frighten the humanity of her powers. It's going to rain, let's take cover. It is going to be a dark cold night. There are people who are praying, as the perceive a sense of nature's brutal hand striking to erase the population because of the sins and ill practices they are soaked in. 
Others are happily enjoying the beautiful colors of the atmosphere they are suspended in, they see positive in every situation of life, irrespective of how harsh and not easy to withstand they are. 
There are people who take it as a chance to relate it to the thunderstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis of grief blowing all within their bosom, they are the poets, the writers, the most tormented trait of people residing within the same sphere of life.
After a few couple of hours, sky is now clear, full of beautiful twinkling stars. The strong wind has now turned into a gentle, soothing breeze. Fragrance of the wet soil touches the nostrils and travels through the nerves and the adrenaline starts pumping. It's gonna be an awesome night. 
Morning breeze blows, birds are out of their havens for the search of food for themselves and their little helpless offspring. The same is the matter with the mightiest creature of the world -- the one who claims to be master of the planet -- and rightfully is. There is a hustle and bustle in the offices, in the market places, people are busy in running their errands, some are making for their living, and some are enjoying the beautiful colors of life. Some complain about the unjust distribution of powers and wealth to the mankind, just because they have not got a good sum. Others have taken it for granted and think that it was what they deserved. Some are kind, others are terribly bad.
There live the people in the most privileged parts of global sphere, The Powerful North, they enjoy the best facilities, good healthcare, fast conveyance, high standards of living, safe food and water, immune of the calamities. They can talk freely, express what they wish. They consider earth a paradise to live on.
On the other hemisphere of the same globe, the mankind is pressed under the load of poverty, illness, terrorism, injustice, poor law and order, food scarcity, water shortage. They have got no right to express their freedom of expression and will, and they are comfortable with it. They just want peace. They have got no hope to wish for the magnetic trains, huge ships, flying jets. They even don't go skiing and hiking for fun. They are the filth of the earth.
Good and bad, it coexists --- and it is what that makes it opposite, if one is gone the opposite will automatically seize to exist.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

An Ultimate Remedy

I've got domestic problems, financial problems, I am unable to perform at my college, I am depressed, sleepless. I have to take a decision but I am not sure about it. I have got a multitude of things happening around me, some good, and many of them are those I don't like.
Life's Mechanical, a cycle inside the other, complex, eroding with time, breaking down at one instant and the other. It's erratic, sometimes the errors are negligible, breaking your backbone when repeated. 
Everyone wants to lead a happy life, avoiding the wretches, but the happiness itself takes its toll. It comes at a very big price, which most of us are not in position to pay all the time. There are the moments we have to compromise, with the sad realities of living, even the billionaires. You have to look happy even if you have your heart bleeding deep inside. You have to maintain a fake smile even if your spirit is dying, believe me, it's the worst that man ever comes up to.
Silence, meditation, self abandoning, this is what that cures all the diseases and discomforts, either physical or spiritual, without costing anything, even a smile, a word of kindness, an act of sympathy. It gives you a chance to talk to your own soul., a long unending chat, an uninterrupted talk with your spirit. I don't need to be fake with my own heart, i don't need to be shy of my own self. Soul - I can discuss each and every matter with her, ranging from small daily life things to the deep and complex philosophical subjects of life. I can talk with her irrespective of what she might think of me, a loser, a retard. She asks me to do something, i don't have to be aware of her intentions. I don't have to blame anyone, if her scheme fails to deliver. She brings me close to the nature, closer to where i belong, to where i have to go at the end. She gives me strength to fight the brutalities of the world. She allows me to think and rethink and think again, about my own self, my own beliefs, about the falsehood of the materialistic designs of the world....She takes me to the beautiful world of imagination,
She's awesome in her entirety.
Silence is the ultimate cure.
Meditation is the ultimate remedy.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Life worth living

It's a hot summer day, a child with a heavy bag, filled with books and notebooks is returning home after a long arduous school day. He is talking to himself about what he should have said to his teacher in response to her queries about the fight he had with his class-fellow, what will he do when he gets home, what excuse will he make for his broken pencil. A person appears from behind him and the child thinks about him to have heard all what he was saying that makes him feel guilty. 
A child sitting in a classroom with his friends and foes all around. The books and the writing materials scattered all around, the sounds of the large wooden stick ticking on the teacher's desk after regular intervals followed by loud authoritative voice coming from behind the "huge" spectacles. The early morning calls for waking up and doing the breakfast, preparing for the school. The homework, ink spread all around, the pens, pencils, rulers.....complete mess. I can recall all those things so accurately that if it were yesterday when they happened. 
Sixteen years have passed and i am still standing on the same place from where i started my journey. Goal-less, without having any directions, no idea of what i have or will be doing next. The same mechanical movement, under the pressure of time and circumstances which i have long withstood. I still wonder if miracles do happen, if the stories of the people who started with meager amount of capital or resources and became billionaires in the coming few years to be correct to their essence, if the saying, "time changes it all" befits all that inhabit the planet earth, if the famous "Aladdin Lamp" still exists or not, if the every person's life has a unique cycle of events which one can't escape, if it's possible for a man to transcend the physical space of being. All these things comes into my mind at once and then vanish at all. A single whistle of joy erases all the miseries, pain and the sufferings of my body and the spirit. A lonely blinking star lights up the heavens of my life. A little spark calms my freezing mind and the shivering soul. Is this what, that happens to all of us, or is just a special case, i am thinking.
I can write, on and on, paragraphs, pages, books. Of what use are my words, kills the story teller.  

Taher Shah (angel) appears and says, "It is Life." 

Friday, 18 December 2015

2015..... A Flash Back

The Start....

The fashion in which the year 2015 started wasn't so filled up with energy and enthusiasm as it were in the Past years, or probably in the coming years. The attack on a children school in Peshawar left the whole nation is a state of extreme shock. Among the other reasons the start wasn't good, one that in my opinion was the most intriguing thing for Pakistanis or at the least me to celebrate the new year was the freezing weather, though scientists and experts attribute everything to the global warming and the poor Green House, but Green House can also not be so cruel to mankind and more especially to the earth as it is very much related to it, if the earth freezes and the life seize to exist, there will be nobody to relate it to Green House, and the Green House will be dead himself.
I sent a complaint regarding this to the personal secretary of the Green House and they accepted the request without any argument or further delay. That is why i am so humble and obliged to the Green House, because it afterall being one of the Super Powers in the world responds to the complaints of a common man, like me, whom family doesn't pay any attention to, gently approved.

On the go....

Months passed... and in such a hurry that i was at most of the moments unable to compare the tally with which i have experienced the pace with a calendar. I am not so ungrateful to an entity which treated me with honor to attribute this pace to it, The Green House... It Surely was the HAARP which caused the days to shrink in time, reversing the course of Einstein's Relativity Theory by shrinking the clock rather than dilating it. It was a great conspiracy of Obama administration against the poor developing third world countries to reduce the pace of their development by making them stay wondering all the year long that what has happened to their clocks, running so fast and thus reverting the designs of the locally manufactured watches and time-pieces which later on will be rejected in the highly competitive European markets for their faulty design and hence another jolt to the already stumbling economies of poor third world especially the Islamic Countries.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Sunday, July 6, 2014..............!

It's a quite day; Sunday ; everything is still, silent like graves. Nothing extraordinary happening. Everything is normal; light, pleasant.
The Indus in July;

The water is too cold, as like ice, or even more less hot than ice. Numb hands, trembling legs….... Feeling cold in such a hot weather; hell; . Deciding whether to go or not, a ray of hope is there. Don’t know, whether I can reach or not, but still on hope that I can; sleeping; .